Joint Manipulation

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What is joint manipulation?

Joint manipulation is a hands-on physiotherapy treatment aimed at loosening stiff joints and reducing joint pain. It involves applying pressure through the joint alongside advanced joint movements that often give the sensation of a “click”. Also a great way to improve posture, joint manipulation enables an increased range of motion, better function and improved body efficiency that can make all the difference in sports or simply in everyday life.

What conditions could benefit from joint manipulation?

Any stiff or tight joints can benefit from joint manipulation. Some of the most common conditions we treat include muscle spasms, neck and shoulder problems and capsular restriction (such as “frozen shoulder”).

What should I expect?

Before we get hands-on we’ll take the time to accurately assess your pain or strain, deciding with you which treatments could help. Joint manipulation is a technique that activates the mechanoreceptors within the joint capsule. As a result, it’s particularly effective for clients who have responded well to soft tissue massage or mobilisations in the past, but for whom these approaches are no longer enough. The pressure applied in joint manipulation works to alter the nerve patterns in the surrounding muscles, causing relaxation.


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