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Whether it’s a way to get from A to B or your route to the Tour de France, cycling can provide a range of benefits to your whole body. Trust the body experts – physiotherapists – to provide you with the right advice. There are two broad types of injury cyclists experience: traumatic and overuse. Traumatic injuries are usually from falls and crashes. Overuse injuries commonly include pack pain, knee pain and achilles tendon issues, brought on by the repetitive nature of cycling. As an average cyclist may perform 5,000 revolutions an hour, it follows that niggling problems can become bigger over time.

Fractured collarbones

The most common type of cycling fracture, collarbones usually break when a cyclist falls off their bike and onto their shoulder. Usually diagnosed by x-rays, as physiotherapists we can advise you about exercises to prevent your shoulder from stiffening up during the period of time it may be in a sling or inactive post-operatively. Once it’s more active, we can then work on building up muscle strength, mobility and posture so you can return to the saddle.

Knee pain

Hugely common amongst cyclists due to the repetitive knee motion needed to peddle, excessively sideways motions or a poor bike setup can leave you with knee pain and put pressure on the tendons and ligaments surrounding the joint. We’ll thoroughly assess the area before recommending a tailored programme of treatment usually involving manual therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Lower back pain

Cyclists struggle with lower back pain more than most as they tend to be sat bent over in the saddle for long periods of time. A constantly flexed position can compress the discs of the spine or place strain on the muscles or ligaments which can trigger pain over time. We’ll assess your posture in and out of the saddle so we can pinpoint the contributing factors to your condition. We can recommend simple changes you can make to your positioning to relieve your symptoms and prevent future injury, as well as treating your condition with manual therapy, mobility exercises and stretching.


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