Biomechanical Assessments

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What is a biomechanical assessment?

A type of assessment our physiotherapists may incorporate into your initial appointment, a biomechanical assessment provides a detailed analysis of your functional movement during activity. This is then commonly used to look for postural instability, dysfunction and inefficiencies.

Biomechanical assessments for runners

Ideal for new runners or those looking to improve their performance, biomechanical assessments for runners look at your running technique to make recommendations to enhance your technique and movements. We’ll observe your running to understand your foot placement, stride length, leg alignment, arm swings, shoulder control and head posture. We may also run tests that examine your joints and muscles to assess your strength and flexibility.

We’ll use the information to tailor a programme of treatments and exercises to address any problems we identify, including strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as specific running drills.

Biomechanical assessments for cyclists

Using a training bike we’ll assess your positioning, posture and rotational technique, taking into account your height, leg length, flexibility, and any previous injuries. Our highly experienced team will be able to give you advice on your saddle height and position, reach and grip, and crank length and cleat position. We’ll also look at your foot, ankle and knee positioning, your pelvic stability, spinal posture, upper limb stability and head and neck.

Based on what we’ve learnt about how you cycle, we’ll tailor-make a treatment programme to help you to prevent future injury, improve your performance and recover from any instabilities or injuries.


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