Sports Injuries

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What are some of the most common sports injuries?

The most common sports injuries we come across are: ankle sprains, groin pulls, hamstring injuries, shin splints, knee injuries (including torn ACL and Patellofemoral syndrome), and tennis elbow. Any sport carries a higher risk of sprains and strains, as your body is put under more pressure. If you think of your ligaments and tendons as springs, sport often lengthens the tissue and it can normally return to its normal state – unless it is pulled too far.

How do you treat injuries in sport?

Treating sports injuries involves great skill and is a specialised area of physiotherapy. To best diagnose, treat and rehabilitate specific sporting injuries, your physiotherapist will need to have extensive knowledge of sporting movements, as well as the bio-mechanics of your specific sport. As these injuries are often incredibly complex and multi-faceted, our highly experienced physiotherapy team bring their knowledge from treating elite athletes in premiership football, Formula 1, NBA basketball, and more to the table. We take a holistic and individual approach to each client, seeking to thoroughly understand your condition and how it began. We’ll then craft a tailored treatment plan, taking into account your own goals for recovery, including any sport-specific movements.


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