Postural Dysfunction

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Modern life and office working means that we all spend time in certain positions. If one of these positions does not support your natural spinal alignment or your correct joint positioning, it is a “postural dysfunction” – causing your muscles to adapt and become unbalanced. A muscle imbalance can permanently pull your joints out of their natural position, putting undue strain on them. When that strain puts pressure on the nerves around the joint, you’ll feel pain. The body can then try to readjust itself to relieve this pressure, leading to other muscles becoming unbalanced. What was once a small, localised problem in one or two muscles can become a neuro-musculo-skeletal problem that affects a wide range of different body parts.

How do you know if you have postural dysfunction?

Postural dysfunction can show itself in plenty of different ways, including lower back pain, slipped discs, shoulder impingement (and rotator cuff tendonitis), facet joint and ligament strain, headaches and neck pain, trapped nerves, hamstring tears, sports injuries, and anterior knee pain.

How do you correct postural problems?

We’ll begin by thoroughly assessing your condition. Muscle imbalance and postural dysfunctions can be relatively easy to correct once properly identified. We’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that’s specific to your condition, that may include joint mobilisation exercises, strength training to empower the longer, weaker muscles to correct alignment, and advising you about changing lifestyle, sports and working factors that may be contributing to the problem.


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