Whiplash & Neck Pain

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Whiplash is a well-known neck injury, commonly associated with car accidents where the head is thrown back and forth with force. Sufferers experience neck pain, stiffness and headaches that can last up to several months, although most people make a full recovery quickly provided they get the right pain management and get the right advice and treatment as early as possible.

What causes neck pain?

Aside from the obvious causes of whiplash (typically a high impact collision), a stiff or painful neck is often derived from sleeping in an unsupportive position, prolonged use of a computer (especially if the screen is at the wrong height), muscle strain or other bad posture. Stress and anxiety are also being increasingly linked to neck pain by research, where tension is held in the neck muscles. Any neck pain that lasts for more than a couple of days can benefit from the advice and treatment of a physiotherapist.

How do you treat neck ache and whiplash?

Physiotherapists are well placed to deal with neck pain – and it’s one of the most common conditions we see. Gone are the days of cracking joints to fix them. We favour a firm yet gentle approach, using established physiotherapeutic techniques that have been practiced for decades. As there are so many causes and types of neck injury, we’ll work closely with you, tailoring your treatment to find the best results. Recent research suggests that a combination of neck joint and muscle treatment performed by a skilled physiotherapist, alongside some strengthening exercises are an effective way to relieve neck pain, stiffness and headaches. The research also indicates that the sooner treatment begins, the better your chance of a swift and full recovery.


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