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What are customised orthotics?

Less than 10% of the world’s population have “normal” or “neutral” feet, according to research. This leaves over 90% who require special care or support to maintain the correct posture and shape under the pressure of their bodyweight. Orthotics are inserts and innersoles that can be added to footwear to enhance the support for your foot’s natural structure. As your feet are designed to be a strong and stable support, any tilts or vulnerabilities can affect the entire body.

Which conditions can custom orthotics treat?

Pronated (mistakenly known as “flat footedness”) is where the arch of the foot collapses under the weight of the body. This dysfunction can lead to pain and deformity in the foot, ankle, muscles of the lower leg, the knees, hips and back. Supinated feet are feet that lean on the outside of the foot. You may notice this through high levels of wear on one side of your shoes. Again, this can lead to significant and widespread problems, particularly if you’re a runner. Less common are high arches – a condition where the centre of the foot at the arch doesn’t actually touch the floor when you are standing still.

Physiotherapists and podiatrists are the experts when it comes to deformities in the bones and muscles that span your lower limbs. We’ll take precise measurements once we’ve diagnosed a potential problem, and can create customised inserts and provide advice about footwear, particularly for sports and running.


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