Upper Limb Pain

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Upper limb pain refers to any pain, aches, tension and disorders involving any part of your arms (from your fingers to your shoulders) or the neck. This also includes pain from problems with your soft tissue muscles, ligaments and tendons, and the circulatory and nerve supply to the limb. Common from competitive sports (particularly racket or bat sports), upper limb pain can also come from poor posture or practices at work. The symptoms of an upper limb disorder may include: tenderness, pain and aches, weakness, stiffness, cramp, numbness, tingling, and swelling.

What causes upper limb strains and pain?

There are a huge number of possible causes of hand, arm and neck pain. Repetitive work, excessive or sustained force, adopting uncomfortable postures for working, and carrying out the same task for prolonged periods of time can all be risk factors for developing an upper limb disorder. Overuse can be different for different people. What may cause a repetitive strain injury in one person may not cause any problems for another. However, the common rule for upper limb pain is that the longer you perform a task using your hands, elbows and arms, the more likely you are to develop a disorder.

Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when a nerve passing through a narrow tunnel in your wrist is pinched, causing pain and tingling in your fingers. A bent wrist narrows the tunnel, often increasing your symptoms, and research has shown that repetitive strain on your bent wrist greatly increases the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

How do you treat upper limb pain?

As one of the most common injuries we see, we’re well versed in treating upper limb disorders, aches and strains. We’ll start by taking a full assessment of your condition, seeking to understand how it started to then work out a tailored treatment plan. With early treatment, most arm injuries respond well to physiotherapy, allowing you to quickly resume normal life pain free.


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