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What are common football injuries?

The sharp movements and changes of direction in football can unfortunately lead to a host of soft tissue injuries. It’s thought that between 50 and 80% of injuries affect the legs and feet, of which 40 to 45% of leg injuries involve the ankle. The ACL injury (anterior cruciate ligament) is a common season-ender for professional footballers, but a variety of different knee ligament injuries abound in football. We also see a number of meniscus tears because of pivoting movements. In younger footballers, Osgood-Schlatter disease is often a cause of knee pain and Sever’s disease can be the culprit for heel pain.

Fortunately rare, tibial shaft fractures are the most severe type of lower limb trauma that can come from playing football. The injuries don’t stop in the lower extremities. Head injuries account for up to 22% of football injuries statistically, with around 2 to 3% concussions caused by collisions with other players, goalposts, the ground or the ball. Neck pain and shoulder pain can also take hold (particularly in goalkeepers), as well as the symptoms of mild whiplash from the trauma of impact.

How do you treat football injuries?

We use a huge range of techniques and treatments to aid recovery from sprains, strains, after fractures and manage chronic conditions that may appear from football. Led by a former premiership football physiotherapist, our highly experienced team are best placed to assess your condition and implement a tailored treatment plan that will help you to recover effectively and quickly, and achieve what you want from your recovery.


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