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What is physiotherapy?

Put simply, physiotherapy is a system of treatments aiming to improve your joint and muscle functions to relieve pain, heal injuries and increase performance. Physiotherapy can also help with increasing your overall health and wellbeing, including to support pre or post-operative rehabilitation or general conditioning. We can treat your flexibility, co-ordination and strength to support your participation in recreational or professional sports, or simply to help with everyday life. Known as physical therapy in the US, physiotherapy is often shortened to “physio” in the UK (which can also be applied to physiotherapist).

What is a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists are registered and regulated healthcare professionals, specialising in improving and managing your movement and musculoskeletal functioning. We use a programme of different treatments that may include hands-on therapies (such as massage, dry needling, electrotherapy and joint manipulation), less hands-on techniques (such as stretching exercises) and providing expert advice. We’re the experts in treating injuries and correcting instabilities affecting your joints, muscles and nervous system.

Use a chartered specialist

A strictly regulated healthcare profession, physiotherapy supports people to get the most out of their movements and functions, as well as working to reduce the impact of pain. Physiotherapists work from a range of different treatment modalities, grounded in scientific evidence.

These modalities can be broken down into hands-on treatments (such as sports massage, joint mobilisation and acupuncture) and less hands-on techniques (such as prescribing exercises and providing advice on pain management).

All our physiotherapists are highly trained, chartered and have years of experience, mainly gained in treating elite athletes. You’re safe in our hands. We’ll aim towards a swift and full recovery, or to boost your physical potential, working closely with you every step of the way.

Choosing the right road to recovery

Physiotherapy’s effectiveness is wide. We focus on helping people to manage and recovery from musculoskeletal problems – problems that affect your joints, bones, nerves and muscles. Physiotherapy is particularly effective at treating conditions that impact function or cause pain.

There when you need it

You’d be forgiven for thinking that physiotherapy just treats common garden back pain and sports injuries. While it’s true that both of these are conditions we can treat, we can help with so much more. Almost any condition involving the bones and soft tissue can benefit from physiotherapy, including arthritis and joint conditions, discomfort from pregnancy, tension headaches and work related problems. Whether you’re a marathon runner or an office worker (or both), we can help.

As expert body practitioners, we can also play a vital role in improving general mobility, conditioning and quality of life. Physiotherapy can be used to prepare someone for surgery, or restore their general health to speed up recovery afterwards. It can also be used to manage the symptoms experienced by people with cancer and neurological diseases.


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Our self-pay physiotherapy services have become increasingly popular as it provides clients with immediate access to effective treatment with anchartered Physiotherapist.



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