Frozen Shoulder

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What is frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is where the shoulder joint becomes stiff, causing pain. Known as a “capsule”, the lining of the shoulder joint is usually flexible enough to allow your shoulder to move in a large range of movement. With frozen shoulder, the capsule is inflamed and contracted, leading to reduced flexibility and considerable pain on movement.

The symptoms come in three stages. In stage one (the “freezing” stage), you start to feel pain in the shoulder, particularly when reaching for things. Your range of movement may decrease and may people say the pain is worse at night. In stage two (the “frozen” stage), the pain may start to go down, although movement becomes very limited and there’s significant stiffness. In stage three (the “thawing” stage), your shoulder movement starts to return to normal in line with the fading away of pain.

What causes frozen shoulder?

Many people with frozen shoulder can’t put their finger on what triggered their condition, and it often has no distinctive cause. Research has found that you are at a greater risk of developing frozen shoulder if you have diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, or receive trauma to the shoulder. Usually affecting people aged between 40 and 60, it is also more common among women than men.

How do you treat frozen shoulder?

Widely used to treat frozen shoulder, physiotherapy can be a way to speed up your recovery. We’ll start by thoroughly assessing your shoulder and history, before using different methods to increase your movement and decrease your pain. Some of the treatment techniques we might use include: specific shoulder exercises designed to stretch the capsule, massage, joint mobilisations, thermotherapy, and electrotherapy. As always, we’ll combine your treatment with expert advice on pain relief and things you can do day to day to relieve your condition.


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