Ankle Pain

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A sprained ankle or twisted ankle is a common cause of ankle pain. A sprain is the stretching or tearing of ligaments and the most common type is a lateral ligament strain – the result of the ankle bent inwards under pressure.

What are the different types of ankle sprains?

As with all ligament sprains, sprained ankles are graded according to their severity. With a grade 1 sprain, you’re probably still able to put some weight on your ankle without it giving way with some mild pain, although it may be slightly swollen and prevent you from easily getting around. A grade 2 sprain indicates that there has been moderate tearing of the ligament fibres, leaving you with considerable pain and difficulty walking. A grade 3 sprain is where the ligament has completely ruptured. As a result, the ankle is extremely unstable, swollen and bruised.

How do you treat ankle pain?

Our chartered physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of ankle problems. They’ll start by conducting a full assessment of your condition before recommending a course of treatment aimed at restoring you back to your normal activities, pain free. Experts in treating sporting injuries, they can also look at specific exercises to correct any problems that may be caused by postural or technical problems.


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